Monday, December 24, 2018

2018 Lego Christmas Tree Project

This is a large scale Lego project for the Gallery One Resident Artist Show in December of 2018.

I have made a few others....

 These are mostly to recapture my inner child and to entertain the kids who attend Gallery One events and/or take classes.

Check out the note Santa left for me!

Planning stage.  I wanted to try to incorporate some Duplo blocks.

Solid base, check.

Figuring out what a tree trunk could look like.  Kinda Keebler Elf I guess.

Duplo in the center.

Snaking the lights into the tree.

Leaving platforms for the 'ornaments'.

It is the 50th anniversary of Gallery One - so I was shooting for 50 lights.

The pieces I used are basically the Dragon putt-putt project dissembled.  I didn't have anywhere to store a 15 foot dragon and I needed the robotics for the Cuckoo Clock.  Robotics are expensive YO!

Platform for the star.

This one is supposed to be me, showing a little bit of panic.  I was too busy with my real job and making the jewelry box so I started late.  I started on a Saturday and it needed to be done the following Thursday.  6 days.  My dog Belle kept coming in the room to 'help'.


My wife and I also invited anyone who came to the Gallery One 'First Friday' reception into the studio to make some Lego Christmas ornaments.

Speaking of Ornaments:

This was a fun project and pretty well received.  I think I probably spent about 22 hours on it.  There are a couple of things I would do differently next time, but fun.

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