Friday, January 5, 2018

Lego Cuckoo Clock

This is a project I made for the Gallery One resident artist's show in the fall of 2017.

It is based on the EV3 robotics platform.  The bird comes out about half way through the 2 minute video.

You can see the EV3 in the photo below:

Construction Pictures Below:

 Planning and arranging parts.

The table has a hole in the top to allow for the pendulum

Close up of the gearing mechanism

The rest of the clock is a facade around the clock mechanism

I decided to use a motor to more the gears instead of weights, getting the motor geared down to the correct revolution per minute was taken care of in the software

second, minute and hour hands

The columns will turn slowly with the men rotating around

The opening is for the light sensor that will tell the software that the minute hand is at the top and to send out the cuckoo.  It then counts 60 seconds times 15 minutes and sends it out again, on the 1/4 hour.

the light sensor bracket, actually I think I was trying to use the prox sensor here, but changed to light later

The cuckoo and planing for the doors

Getting the doors to open and the chicken to come out is easy, getting it to go back and doors to shut was difficult.

Here you can see the gearing that moves the columns and the first go at the tower.

This shows the mechanism that shoves the chicken out.

The motor at the bottom turns the columns and the one above it moves the chicken

Lights!  Just Christmas tree led lights.

The yellow is the turn-table that moves the clouds.


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