Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Alexandrite - 14k

This is one I made for my wife.....

This stone can display different colors in different lighting situations due the internal structure of the crystals that make up the gem

Construction pictures:
A large slug of 14k Gold

Cut into three pieces.

lots of cutting...

What had been the center of the ingot will become a shank for another project.

Stop to goof off a little bit.
Engraver's Ball.

This is a little overkill, but I need to file a notch in the setting to conform to the strange shape of the ring shank.

This is the ring shank.  It is really two rings stacked up and soldered together.  The hole will be behind the stone for cleaning etc.

Setting in place.  Check.  There was no good way to make the ends of the rings meet up together.  So I just decided that I liked it that way.

The texture comes from the pressure of the rolling mill.

A picture of my dogs....

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