Monday, November 28, 2016

New Studio

I have my own new studio!  Upstairs in the Gallery One in downtown Ellensburg.  I am a resident artist, but I don't actually live there. 

Its a pretty big space, but I have a lot of stuff.....

Hammer Time!

So the studios all have these windows from way back in the day when there were a lot of professional offices in the building  They gave me the one that says I'll do your taxes.  I won't.

I am a CPA though....  I think it was a sort of joke.  Or maybe just the studio that came up.  But I'm also the treasurer for the gallery.
In this building - Gallery One!

This is what the inside of the Gallery looks like during an exhibit.

There's a bunch of stuff going on in here.  You can take classes and stuff.

Upstairs - that's my little room across the way.

Wait until you see what this becomes!

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