Thursday, December 24, 2015

cardboard regatta boat - The Brown Trout #2

This is a boat I made for the local cardboard boat regatta.

A young friend and I decided to enter.  He wanted a fish.  So we made a "Brown Trout".

He wanted a trout, and since it was going to be a "Brown Trout", I gave it a racing number of #2

The basic process was to get up real early and go down the alleys downtown looking for large pieces of cardboard:

Cardboard.... check.

Tunes for the 20 or so hours of work.  check.

The rules say only cardboard, glue, duct tape and household paint.

This isn't a very good design.  I was really going for the artwork.  We knew we wouldn't win in the speed category.
Here is my detailed plan:

it ended up pretty close.
My young friend, Keola, wanted it to have a mustache.   I didn't have a good reason why it couldn't, so here it is.  The number 2 here was printed on the cardboard.  Maybe it was destiny.

Fins and more paint.  I also added about 3 tubes of glitter.  I wanted it to shimmer.

A float tube painted to look like a bobber....

Some of the competition.  We were ready to have anyone who wanted to waterski behind.

Stretches and push-ups to get limber.

We made it out pretty well.  And well, we made it back.

We did win an award, the 'Titanic' award.  But it was a lot of fun.

yes, a rubber ducky and a bathtub stopper.

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