Friday, December 25, 2015

Alchemy Lego Floor Lamp

Here is a project that has nothing to do with metal-smithing.  

Or does it?

I always wanted to make a Lego lamp.  
The little blue and red transparent pieces just seemed to be begging for a light inside.

So I waited to find Legos at yardsales and whatnot until I had enough.  But it couldn't be just a bunch of random legos.

I decided to make  a lamp that tells the story of Alchemy.  The base has the four classical elements of Water, Wind, Air and Fire.

The individual bursts fourth from these elements in a rather unrefined manner.

This is the Fire side.  A firefighter with a fire extinguisher and a bomb going up against a fire breathing dragon.

This is the calcination portion.

After the calcination portion, some separations and the image of the caduceus.  "Separate the subtle from the gross" is one of the instructions of the emerald tablet. The emerald tablet is possibly the oldest alchemical document, perhaps 5 thousand years old or more.  The male in the green portion holds a lego emerald tablet.
Good and evil are separated as are male and female

Work still needs to continue, represented by the minifig with a jackhammer.

The heads of the snakes of the caduceus.

one more angle

The water side and the wind side.  The wind side has a ghost, a creature of the air.  Really I just couldn't figure out anything better.
Lots of eyes and tongues.  I added lights to the column to give interest.  Please write a comment and let me know if you like it.

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