Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gold Chased Ring

 20k gold man's ring with a chased center of the band.

This is the chasing  pattern that I rather like, it is like the surface of the moon.

This was the source of the recycled gold...

I actually bought this at an estate sale.  I'm pretty sure that the former owner of these teeth was done with them.  The black one probably hurt.

After carefully removing the teeth, with a ball-peen hammer, I melted the gold into a loaf shape
I split the loaf in half with my jeweler's saw....

Beauty.....   So then I went about rolling out a very thin sheet to chase, and a long wire.

always remember to goof-off.
The little black marks are places I felt needed more work.

I split the wire in half and formed two rings, then soldered the chase section between them with 14k gold solder.

little tumble bath...  this cleans it but also hardens the metal.
It has a very buttery color.  It is about 12 grams, but feels light with center so thin it is optically larger.
This was a fun project, and probably took about 8 hours, mostly heating and rolling and chasing, and goofing-off.

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