Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dragon Bicycle Bell

This is a bicycle bell made in the fall of 2014.  
 I fabricated all of the pieces except for some bolts
I re-did the enamel and patina for the art show this spring.

I also changed the striker mechanism and gave it an earring.   Way more better.

 Older pictures and construction pictures

 The pictures didn't turn out very well, maybe another shoot some day.....

Enamel inside of the mouth.  I like the tongue.

Construction photos below.  It started life as a $3 copper basket from Goodwill:

Careful plan:

This is my plan.  My plans usually say things like "make bell".  The important part is rubber gaskets that allow the bell to move slightly.  Oh, and the scary dragon.
Cut out.  Three legs on one side, like a little kid would draw.

I made the bell (on the left) from nickel silver.  Nickle is stiff and gives a good ring, but is nasty to work with.

Shaped with hammers and a block of wood
Starting to come together

Spikes on the collar.
Fresh from the oven.

The eyes were left over from another project, sort of rejects.  I gave him sterling claws at this point.

Spikes on tail

I think the tongue makes it look like the bike is going FAST!!

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