Friday, October 10, 2014

gold ring - modern take on a diamond ring

This is a ring I recently made for a friend.  It is 18k

The stone is off-set, on purpose......
Most rings are perfectly symmetrical.  Nature seems to prefer symmetry and to design objects that look good but are asymmetrical is really difficult.  

The other thing that always bothers me is that rings are nearly always made to be round in the inside.  Look at your finger.  Are you looking?  Is it round where a ring would go?  How is it supposed to fit?  Does it spin around when it shouldn't?

View from the bottom

Here it is on my finger:

It isn't sized for me so it doesn't sit quite right in these pictures....

Here are some pictures of the construction:

This had been a 'tennis bracelet'.  i don't wear bracelets when I play tennis, but then again I don't play tennis....

At this point I forged it into a cigar band shape....
Looks good, no?

This is drilling out the opening for the tube set.  The tape is for when I miss with the drill, so as to minimize the scarring to the back of the shank.

This was a fun project.  It probably took 20 hours, including melting, forging and setting the stone (myself).

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