Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ellensburg Blue Agate Pendant for Yuri - Sterling and Gold

This is a Pendant I made for a friend in Tokyo.  It is a strange little stone, yet very beautiful.
I kind of like things that are not symetrical

I made the back out of 14k gold, which seems like a waste at first glance, but there is a window behind the blue agate.  When the gold color is behind the stone you get to see more of the pinks in the stone.  So I added a faceted rhodocrosite in pink at the top.  The thing is that these blue stones just look so much better in sterling or any white metal than the generally do in gold.

Basic construction layout.

This is Yuri and My wife at the Space needle

I guess I made it into this one

This is Yuri at the Tokyo Skytree when I gave it to her.We don't just hang out a big pointy landmarks, but it might seem that way. 

Yuri as the Easter bunny.

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