Tuesday, February 4, 2014

First Friday Artwalk show at the 420 Gallery - Downtown Ellensburg Wa

I'm lucky enough to have been invited to show some of my work this February at the 420 Gallery in Ellensburg.

Here are some pictures of me getting set-up.



Building FrontThis should be fun!

Fire Agate Pendant with Chased Setting

Fire Agate Pendant with Chased Setting

Front View
Back View

I bought this exceedingly good Fire Agate on ebay:

That is an actual picture I took.... wild stone.  I probably should have cleaned the stone first, those specks aren't chips but lint.

So I set about trying to figure out what to do with an abnormally shaped stone with just strong uhmm...  power(?).

I decided to make a pendant with citrines, to complement the stone, and attempt to re-create the stone in sterling on the back of the setting.

So, first some chasing:

That seems about right.

Now a setting:

Little More Better

The chasing is all the way through the metal, so it shows from the inside.  I had to figure out how to keep the base fairly level and still have a lot of depth on the outside.

Now add (set) some citrines:

This was a super fun and fairly successful project.  It probably took about 30 hours, believe it or not.

A few more photos:

my wife goofing off at the art show