Sunday, December 29, 2013

Red Stones Ring

A Bouquet of Red Stones

This is a ring I made for my wife.  The three stones are a rectangular cushion cut Idaho Garnet, a round faceted Montana Sapphire and a cabochon of rubellite.

The stones wouldn't fit on the band, so I decided they didn't have to.  Also I really like things that aren't symmetrical.  But it is really hard to get that right.  The human mind prefers symmetry since nature seems to prefer it.

Here are some pictures of the construction and other views:

I like this one.  My wife gets complements and when she tells them that her husband made it they ask, "In what way do you mean he made it?"

I think that is funny.  I didn't make the stones, or the silver, I guess I made it in the way you make a sandwich.

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