Saturday, September 28, 2013

project sketches - my first attempt to make some fraternal jewels

 I'm getting ready to get back into the studio and become productive.  I have about 6 or 7 rings to make, and those are going easier now that my skills have improved.  I will use those to fill time between making things like these.

 These are intended to be past master jewels for members of my Lodge in Ellensburg.   I am attempting to make these personalized to the owner, trying to gather images and symbols that relate to him - his specific service to the lodge, attitude and personality.

For example, WB Tedd Hansen organized, spearheaded and did a lot of work renovating the lodge room a few years back.  In the process we removed about 8 layers of wallpaper.  (about half way down that page).

So I am going to try to incorporate a piece of the old wallpaper into the jewel.

Nick Henderson design below...


Nick has been master a few times.

Greg Maes ( I ran out of room - rough sketch...)

This one will likely be champleve or limoge like this project, but hopefully with more skill and less cartoony.

This one will be more of a drawing in enamel.
I'm trying to depict the roles Marco usually serves with these images.

 These are pretty rough sketches, and the designs might change.  They also might take a long time to finish!

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