Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fire Agate Pendant with Chased Setting

Fire Agate Pendant with Chased Setting

Front View
Back View

I bought this exceedingly good Fire Agate on ebay:

That is an actual picture I took.... wild stone.  I probably should have cleaned the stone first, those specks aren't chips but lint.

So I set about trying to figure out what to do with an abnormally shaped stone with just strong uhmm...  power(?).

I decided to make a pendant with citrines, to complement the stone, and attempt to re-create the stone in sterling on the back of the setting.

So, first some chasing:

That seems about right.

Now a setting:

Little More Better

The chasing is all the way through the metal, so it shows from the inside.  I had to figure out how to keep the base fairly level and still have a lot of depth on the outside.

Now add (set) some citrines:

This was a super fun and fairly successful project.  It probably took about 30 hours, believe it or not.

A few more photos:

my wife goofing off at the art show

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