Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fold Form Urn

This is yet another piece that is in progress, and may be for a while.

The idea was to make an urn using the fold forming method.

Sort of in the shape

Urn Vader

It all starts with Geometry.  Then some Physics.  Pay attention in school kids!
The big slab of copper was tacky 1970s platter from Goodwill $1.99 

To get the metal soft enough to work, you have to repeatedly heat it.  Copper is really dirty to work with, there are worse metals (nickle) but certainly not as nice as silver or gold.

It gets all black with the products of combustion and the cupric whatevers.

Then you have to pickle it

Pretty Nasty

 So, do this about 14 times and hammer it in between, and you will be able to see why this isn't done yet.....

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