Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Birds of Time

This is yet another unfinished project.  It is going to take some explanation since I can't find my detailed planning sketches.  The idea is for four birds affixed to a shaft.  The shaft will have a crank on one end, and as the crank is turned each will bend down and 'eat' from a bowl in turn.  So they represent the four seasons.  The handle of the crank will be the earth, and it will revolve around the sun as the crank is turned.  On the opposite end of the shaft will be the zodiac, turning as well.  (I don't believe in astrology, but am very intrigued with the zodiac and the classical imagery.)

At any rate, here are some more pictures of the as yet incomplete fabrication:

I made one bird, to work out the mechanics of the whole contraption

Then set about constructing four exact replicas of the one that would 'work' as it were:

Each will have a differently coloured stone as a crest.

This one is getting ready to go in the kiln.  It looks dead, but don't feel bad for it:

Much more better:

So, in reality this project is a practice run.  If it works out well I will make a much more refined version.

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