Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bird of Time

This is a strange one that I have struggled with for a while. 
It is going to be an enameled piece, sort of like the belt buckle with the poppies, but on a much larger scale.

It is going to sound strange, and would take a long explanation, but it is supposed to reference the constellation Scorpio.  I'll type up an explanation when I finish it, but it has to do with rabbinical lore and some other arcane types of stuff.

It started, as all my projects do, with a very detailed plan:

The sketch was on a shopping bag and read "make bird" above it.  But there is some math here too.
I stopped at this point and realized that I needed some sort of skills in a graphics program.  So I learned how to use 'the GIMP'.  (free software like adobe, sort of)

Then the sketch turned into:

It still needed something... so I added the Flower.

That is at least a little more balanced.

Then I etched the darn thing.

So the plan - at this point - is to add a clock.  Off to goodwill and garage sales.....

This one is the correct size, has a vintage cloth cord and is already cosmetically broken.  I won't feel to bad, and it keeps time.  Thanks and here is $4.

Nearly a perfect fit.  It will need a bezel to hold it, and then some sort of mounting.  And I will have to finish the enamel.  I learned a really good lesson through this project.... measure the kiln.  It won't fit in my enameling kiln.  So I will have to heat the enamel with a torch, or use a pottery kiln.  Or something.

I hope to finish this project this spring.  My professor hates it, so I do have some drive to complete it - other than just sort of liking it myself.

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